Customized and Hand illustrated Pine Wood Log Nameplate-Nest series

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Your name has an identity of its own..a character and a feel of its own!
It is all about a vibe..a conversation ice breaker.  So Lets make it count!
Before you step into a home ,you notice the indication on the door..that signifies the person living there. ..the Nameplate. 

It is a vibe that attracts your tribe. 

Introducing  Customized Creative Nameplates for your home.

All with Love🥰

The following design is a custom order by a client and is done on a wooden log base, detailed with acrylics and varnished with  matte finish. 

Get in touch with us for customization support. 

Kindly note:The fixture is a silicon backing that will adhere to any surface securely. You only need to remove the plastic peel from the silicon backing and securely place your name plate on your door/surface. 


Width-14 inches by length -4inches...thickness-approx 2cm


Forest pine wood log,acrylic paints,metal hook,silicon tape,varnish and jute string


Wooden base look with colorful designs




Kindly note that this is a forest wood so it is natural that there will be a few flakes initially. Do not get worried .

You can wipe the surface with a dry cloth.Please do not use water or soap or any damp object near it.

We have given a coat of varnish to protect the surface well.

Please avoid scratching or peeling or wetting the surface in any way.


As soon as we get your order,they will be dispatched in 3 days. Shipping may take 4 to 5 days depending upon your location. 
Incase of any other issue we will update you accordingly. 


We do not accept returns  incase the product gets damaged  during transit.
For customized orders  ,we do not accept returns. 
Kindly take an "opening the box" video as proof.If there is any serious issue,you can contact us.