Purple Bohemian Print Phone Case(Hardcover)

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What is more exciting than seeing your handpainted print on a mobile phone case?

Bringing you some Boho vibe from the essence of a hippe.

Purple with a mix of various colors and tiny motifs..makes for an intereting combination!

Go ahead and pick it in your own phone model.Message us for the correct phone model. 


As per your phone case model(please specify the model no.)


250gm approx


Hardcover Plastic


Purple with other accent colors


Handillustrated Print

Care Instructions

Kindly do not bend the cover since it is hard plastic. 

Please refrain from scratching the print .

Wipe it with a dry cloth

Shipping Info

As soon as we get your order,we will get in touch with you for the customization details and phone model number query. Processing your order  will take 4..5  or even earlier. Shipping may take further 4 to 5 days depending upon your location. 

Incase of any other issue we will update you accordingly. 

Return Info

We do not accept returns  incase the product gets damaged  during transit.

For customized orders  ,we do not accept returns. 

Kindly take an "opening the box" video as proof.If there is any serious issue,you can contact us.