The Traveller and Peacock Gouache Painting

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Kindly note that the painting is an original one in a single piece .

Our goauche  illustration is inspired by travel stories from a visit to India ,where the Peacock is the National Bird!

Colorful , vibrant and whimsical...this illustration /painting is all about fantasy!

Our painting has been glazed with a coat of good quality varnish. 

Kindly note that the frame is an Acrylic one(white) with a soft pliable acrylic sheet as a cover (premium quality).We do not use glass for safety purposes.

The size of the painting with the frame is 9.5 inch/9.5inch approx.


9.5 inches/9.5 inches


350 gram


Watercolor paper 300gsm, Acrylic white frame, soft Acrylic sheet cover , Gouache paints.




Framed  Gouache Painting

Care Instructions

Kindly no not scratch the surface or the painting /or press the cover .

You can wipe it with a dry cloth .

Please do not use water or soap or any chemical to clean the painting. 

Handle with care and do not drop it. 

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Incase of any other issue we will update you accordingly.  

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For customized orders  ,we do not accept returns. 

Kindly take an "opening the box" video as proof.If there is any serious issue,you can contact us.