An Anti-list of what 'Not' to Post on LinkedIn

Everybody is busy talking about what to do these days ; motivational tips and tricks to ardent to-do lists. They all want to give sermons on what you should be doing and how .

However ,today I would like the river to flow backwards ,telling you what you should not be doing.

Let's jump into a humorous anti-list of a state of affairs that you should not be posting on LinkedIn.

Here are 8 pointers to sarcasm . 

1. Thou shalt not post your personal instagrammy content on Linkedin. We are not interested in reading about the contents of your morning protein shake and whether or not you "5am clubbed it"  to the gym . 

2. We certainly do not want to see pictures of your  golden retriever going for a walk .We want to recruit you , and there is no intention to adopt your pet whatsoever. 

Birthday charity or raffle petitions for street dogs are also not welcome on LinkedIn! 

3. Leave salesy posts for advertisement copies only. Recruiters are not looking to purchase your handmade crochet caps for their grandma !We are looking for employable skills and not Flea market worthy content .

(Although there is a whole design community ready to jump at this pointer of mine!) 

4. Don't overload your achievements by blowing your own trumpet. It may just backfire and you may be just left blowing that trumpet and land no jobs. 

5. Badmouthing your previous employer is a strict no no !You never know if your current boss plays golf on the weekend with your ex boss. 

6.If you are talking about statistics ,do not make the mistake of posting wrong data points. Some one might just pass an uncomfortable rectification comment there  with another  line following the golden LinkedIn comment of CFBR .

Be rest assured ,your mistake will spread faster than kitty party gossip 

7.Freelancers please do not be vague about your deliverables and do not post what you do not do. (Using only Canva doesn't make you a graphic designer ). 

8.Oil if you must it for your scalp..we highly recommend Argan oil for great hair health. Please leave the strategy of oiling and buttering your bosses on LinkedIn on the backburner.Show us what you got professionally,sans oil and butter.

We also recommend butter and oil for making Christmas cakes.