Are we still judging the book by its cover?

We place soo much importance on the  physical attributes of others.

How do they look...what do they weigh...what's  their color like..are they tall...slim.

Soo many unrealistic expectations from the human body! 

Nobody cares to look at the mind..nobody ponders about the depth of their thought process..nobody cares about a candid demeanor anymore. 

And most importantly ,no one values what the soul has got to offer.

And as far as the heart goes...That is the most neglected entity on this planet...the organ which is most ignored unless it gets an attack or stops beating totally. 

Depth is what people are losing out on ...everyone is running behind a superficial shiny toy or gadget... the shinier the better.

Do we place value on humans based on their ability to appear attractive on the peripheral level?

What about essence?

What about energy?

What about mindset?

Walk into a congregation where someone's betrothal is in progress and all we hear are comments around materialistic themes or physical attributes. 

"Oh she's put on weight."

"You look pale!"

"Man,she looks like a vamp with soo much make up on!"

"He is looking thin and dark."

"They bought another house."

"She doesn't know how to cook."

"He's losing all his hair,soon we will be able to play tabla on his head!"

"Oh,he keeps eating all the time!"

"Look at the slit in her dress ,it's soo revealing."

"He's got tires for a tummy!"

"Oh, they eat too much!"

"Wow ,how did she become soo fair suddenly?"

"Saw their new car?" 

Hear these conversations and they are like Chinese whisper, ready to be spewed like confetti.

Judgmental, invasive and downright rude! 

Are you happy today?

How are you feeling?

You are glowing from inside!

You motivate us.

Those are questions that nobody asks. 

Truth be told...

Nobody skips to the good part!

Instead , we objectify the very essence of being human with our toxic comments. 

What is his story ? What are their struggles? What pain is her smile hiding? What could be their turmoil?How can we make things better?How can I help?How can I extend my happy energy?

Nobody thinks about those things because it is boring and boredom is mankind's biggest enemy!

So let's indulge in gossip. It is easier and fun to do so.

Even at the cost of someone's integrity and  self esteem.

Let's blow off their sense of confidence.

Shread their value to pieces. 

After all a little gossip did not hurt anyone.

What's the harm? 

And lo and behold, the same person will post a quote on social media proclaiming 

"We rise by lifting others up!" 

It's perplexing how double-standard our soo called society can be afterall. 

Written by Chynelle Priyanka Stephen