Confidence is about raising your vibration

You know you feel confident around people who make you feel fantastic's all about the vibe.
Raise your vibration and just be around someone who makes you smile and not the other way around.
That's the only curve you need to worry about and keep it upward and leave the buckets outside your home,you've been overflowing for  too long.
If you feel that you have been too clingy or too available and made some people the centre of your universe but only faced pain,anxiety,rejection,sadness and felt low and gaslighted and generally  bad about yourself...those are the people you need to keep away from you...minimal contact...minimal infinite miles away...and that's the secret of true happiness.
No one can treat you badly if you choose to stand  up for yourself..and this is the art of surviving in this world.
Insecurities don't stem from what's going on around you...very often it is  a direct result of what's going on inside you.
You can't change people who don't want to upgrade their soul...the best thing you can do Is to control what's happening with yourself.
Be aware and focus on the controllable factors.
I really like this quote by Rumi and it hits really hard...
Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world .
Today  I am wise so I'm changing myself.

Beautiful words ...isn't it?

Why try to change people or situations?
Try elevating your own story and reframe the plot.
Bring in that main character energy while trusting the universe.
That's all you need for now!

Meticulously Crafted by Chynelle Priyanka Stephen