David and the Goliath in reality

Let's just say that life has given me a golden opportunity to be a responsible mom to a really adorable baby who has been a blessing for us from day one. Hope I am doing a fairly decent job at it,thanks to the relentless support of my parents and sister.

Nothing has been as linear as it may seem from the eyes of the society.
I choose empathy over sympathy any day!
Career wise, I've taken such palpable risks..all for carving out a way for myself in the world of design.I love what I do and nothing can change that!
Gave up my cushy  corporate job at Google; secure salary and safety net in order to fall in the lap of ruthless entrepreneurship.
So I didnt take the MBA route either as I wanted to learn by doing, kinesthetically .

Don't make much yet out of flying solo but the best is yet to come with conviction and I don't believe in blowing my own trumpet ,for heavensake.

Won't  let my age (yes i'm 30 and I'm not sorted yet...and so was Bill Gates...and that's ok)define my failures or insecure commentators belittling my spirit of never giving up !
The only thing that life has taught me well is to place a value to your own worth and that power is something that you should learn to keep in your own hands.
The moment you give the key to your happiness in someone else's hands ,you remain nothing other than a 50 paisa coin in their pocket ...useless and of zero value!

Steve Harvey correctly said that we should all define our standards and requirements in terms of relationships and even in our career.
It's time to get some!

Turning 31 in a few days makes me feel 62 in terms of the experiences that have shaped  me into the mother and entrepreneur I am today...fearless.. and learning not to give a damn to anything that does not make me feel wholesome. I too have my share of good days as well as bad days and that is fine by me... I'm only human and fallible to the core.

We all learn to pick up our self esteem and self respect along the way after all you are not  whom you were yesterday and the only person you need to compete with is none other than "Yourself ".

We give away soo much of ourselves in the process of being accepted but we never really learn to love ourselves correctly .
Life takes a turn when you learn to stand up for yourself ...even if it means standing alone .

Burn as many old bridges as you may and pave the way for a life that brings joy and abundance and respect.

Dealing with problems:
We all have our share of cross to carry but what makes a difference is how confidently we carry it along the way after all if the creator puts a Goliath in front of you ...he has surely  seen a David inside of you.

I just look at the process ...the destination is not something I need to worry about and that is exactly what you should do ,too!

Written by Chynelle Priyanka Stephen