Do's and Don'ts of being a Freelancer

Do's and don't of the life of a freelancer.Are you getting this check list correct?

What you should do no matter what.

1. Network, network and some more network. Word of mouth is your savior and you should definitely learn the power of leveraging that.

2. Get a business card printed so that you have your contact details on them.Feel free to keep giving those out where you feel that you could land up making a deal.

3. Make an effort to establish your personal brand... even if you are not in the room ,your reputation should go ahead and talk about you.

4. Have a strong social media presence !I cannot stress enough on the importance of putting yourself out there .No one is talking about talking about dancing or making tik tok reels but atleast you should bring your face forward and present what you do ,that brings about credibility.

5. Make a fantastic portfolio of your work and have it all sorted via a Linktree format .You could even make a Canva presentation of your work .Having a hardcopy also helps ,incase you are a designer.Writers can also make a portfolio showing their versatility.

Things you should  jolly well avoid as a freelancer.
1. Not meeting project timelines is a deadly sin in the freelance world.

2. Not having a proper legal contract for projects could get you in the soup, unpaid and treated like a shuttle cock .

3. Dressing like a grunge look inspired  teenager will not get you looking serious.Bring out your formals and dress suavely if you want to act the part.

4. Not acting professionally and behaving casually can be detrimental to your work.Be smart and have some great work ethics.

5. Taking too many projects at a time can lead to a burnout . Only bite what you can chew and digest!

Can you add to this list?