Life Is a Non-Linear phenomenon

When I talk about my  life , things have never  been like linear or parallel lines. However I will not even call it a circle because I look at it like an upward spiral !

Everyday is an opportunity to learn something different.

Assigning extreme values to success and failures is something I don't do as I feel that both are valuable lessons to advance your learning curve .

Taken risks like giving up a job at Google to pursue Design and start my own business.  There were months where there were zero sales ,because I could not get up and paint or create any designs for 2 months straight.

Took it all in my stride.

But I've had my share of blessings too!

Being a mommy to a specially abled baby has given me more purpose than any aspect of my career.

They always say that the creator gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. 

Yes we are fighting a battle ...a battle called life and I'm soo happy that he has given me the grace to do it like a pro. 

Mental health goes for a toss sometimes but it is ok because we are the ones who own our own battles as we have our own share of cross to carry.

Keeping a win-win mindset has helped me rise up from the proverbial bed daily and look at fear in the eye and say...get lost I'm up again!

I've been called a failure too but I don't let that define my identity. 

My mind is stronger than my body today because I have some really kickass support I'm blessed that way.

And my child is a rare diamond 💎 

Not everyone gets lucky to discover a whole mine of pandoras boxes ..but I did !

Chest out ,chin up and  eyes sparkling ever soo brightly....throw the ball on my court and I will change  the game from basketball to throwball with one simple hair flip. 

Someone had said women don't find strength...strength finds us .

So yeah!

I'm living up to the reputation with elan.

Written by Chynelle Priyanka Stephen