Make Failure your best friend

The concept and definition of failure in my dictionary has a twisted connotation than what it could be for millions of others out there.

I think I believe that failure is something we let ourselves internalize because of what society defines for us. 

This is the source of all your miseries.

Didn't get the required pass mark at any are a failure.

Not sorted in your are a failure .

Not married by 30 are a failure.

Lost all your money in investments..

You are a failure.

Not being able to hold your own fort at the  castle are a failure .

Society just knows how to box you into convenient categories. 

Now what I have learnt is a priceless strategy;

Give a damn!

Yes ,that is it !

You rock your own boat and do not bother about failure. 

That is inevitable!

What you have got to learn is to overcome that and get your lessons from it.

Humans are fallible and that's what makes us tick on earth.We make ,we break and we retake,that is the beauty of being human.

Now if I share one of my greatest failures, it would be failure to see my own worth and settling for something that I should not have.

Do not let anybody brainwash you into thinking that you have failed in life ..that's your business ,not theirs. Time paves the way for everyone and you've got to learn the fact that today's failure is a lesson for tomorrow's success.I have understood that meeting  with failure is a process towards attaining your goals and you should never be feeling ashamed of failing.It is always about progress over perfection in life.

If you do not find opportunities, then make your own path and be the trailblazing icon.

You have got set up your own table if there aren't any chairs available at the present table set up! 

You've got to have your filters in place and not listen to someone else's definition of your failure.Listening to what others have to say,putting in their two paise into the mix is not always healthy.I used to internalize that thought and it made me depressed. That is the biggest mistake I've made along the way and yes I am working to make that correction.

Happiness lies at the end of the tunnel that is failure.You have to get on that train and keep travelling.Enjoy the journey and think about the milestones and not soo much about where you will land at the end.Make failure your best friend and you will learn much more about survival.

Written By CPS