Popularly Unpopular Opinion

They say that If you are not settled by 30 career wise or in your personal life you are lagging behind and it is going to get too late. 

When I hear such statements I only feel like people are only talking from a narrow point of view and then are forgetting to see the whole picture.

Opinion is a free tool for the tongue and everybody likes to exercise it no matter what!

There are soo many millionaires who were broke at 30 but they made a mark on the world.

Someone became a big name by writing books at a later age,someone became a millionaire by selling books  while some became billionaires by reading books .

They were fallible in their young days but they learnt and they continued learning from their mistakes!

Things were soo different for our parents, when they were getting into adulthood. 

Let's think about process and not perfection. That was a different ball game all together as they had a different environment and their exposure to various facets of life was very limited.There was no social media influence and life seemed simpler. 

Let us look at the Pandemic and see the paradigm shift that came about.

It's not wise to give your kids mobile phones or laptops they would say .

But just imagine if I did not expose my child to technology, they would not be able to keep pace with the world of education!Giving my child screen time and how much is a matter of personal choice and awareness ,we do not need to be molly-coddled into doing the right thing .

Advice and opinions can flow like a fountain but it's my choice if I want to drink from it !

I'm an entrepreneur running a business from the vicinity of my home and from the comfort of an e-commerce app..the gig economy is booming as remote workers and freelancers are getting a chance to make it big and they have a scope.

Some mocked me when they would see me on my phone doing work and called it 

" Moms today are always on whatsapp " .

It just made me cringe at the closed mindset of the Gen X.

Technology is baffling for many and those who do not get it criticize it.

Some are running away from technology and pace while some are bracing it with bravery. It is all a matter of mindset. 

So I suggest we must do what we feel like and what makes us feel like ourselves instead of becoming like square pegs pushing ourselves into round holes.

Life will get easier when we trail our own opinions and stick to our guns even if it does not warm someone's else's fireplace! 

Written by Chynelle Priyanka Stephen