Raise them well

A pep talk to all the parents out there who are going to raise the generation Z and beyond. 

Raise your daughters to be bold and outspoken and not naive and nice.

Raise your sons to be sensitive and mindful. 

Raise her in a manner that the radius and circularity of rotis doesn't decide her future. 

Raise him in a manner that does not make him feel entitled to look for a house help in a wife  after marriage. 

Raise her to use the gun and tongue  and break legs when the need arises.

Raise him in a manner that his hands don't hesitate to change diapers for his own kids. 

Raise her to voice her opinion in front of an 8 year old as easily as that in front of an eighty year old.

Raise him to feel proud of her and make her felt seen and understood. 

Raise her and think about funding her dreams instead of spending all that money for a one day fiasco wedding. 

Raise him to understand the difference between self love and self obsession. 

Raise her learning to build self confidence and  having faith in her own abilities. 

Raise him to understand that emotional availability is the crux of a relationship. 

Raise her to understand that her value doesn't reside in the color of her skin nor the diameter of her waistline. 

Raise him to learn how  to take care of his woman instead of basking in the glory of all that parental attention yourself. 

Raise her to know the importance of trust and making her aware that it is ok to walk away the moment it's off the menu. 

Raise him to know the difference in status between his own woman who raises his child and million others who he intends to chase. 

Raise her to know the tell the difference between a prince from a frog so that she accidentally doesn't kiss the frog,expecting it to turn into a prince.

So raise her reading books on confidence building rather than reading fairy tales. 

Raise him to give his woman the respect she deserves and not make a mockery out of her loyalty. 

Raise her to stand up for herself and not to have any expectations from anybody on earth, expect her own self. 

Raise him not to be a bully and take up all decision making positions. 

Raise her believing that it's ok to be loud, when the need arises and know when to zip it. 

Raise him to know how to treat his own queen like a gemstone rather  than expecting her to be a doormat. 

Raise her to be her own cheerleader,her own person, her own wingman ,her own companion so that she knows her own way in this world. 

Raise him to understand the difference between a mannequin and a real woman, and not have unrealistic expectations from her body.

Raise her to understand that it's ok to take up as much space as she needs to and it's ok. 

Raise her to respect everyone but at the same time not tolerate nonsense from anyone. 

Raise both men and women who know that they are equally important in the game of life, and look eye to eye,move shoulder to shoulder. 

Written by Chynelle Priyanka Stephen