The Book that changed my life forever

One of the most powerful habits that you can acquire is that of reading.

Reading is like  zephyr the brain and it makes it more productive and wise.

I have read many books in my lifetime but one of the books that completely changed my perspective about life and creativity is

"Steal like an artist "by Austin Kleon. This book has not just been a game changer but also a revelation for all creative folks.

The way he has added his handwritten doodles and note taking ability,he has stolen my heart with his easy going style of writing .

It gives that handmade feel in this ever-changing digital world ! 

So I thought why not summarize the key ideas in form of some pointers that could give you some sense of review and maybe if you are a keen reader ,you could hop on and read it someday ! 

1. Austin kleon talks about the benefits of stealing like an artist where we must consider taking inspiration from multiple sources and coming up with a value addition for rendering our own thought process.Nothing in this world is an absolute original but great artists and creative people know the  way to take older ideas and come up with something really fantastic in such a way that you really can't put a pin on it that where it was inspired from. 

2.He tells us not to wait to get know who we are and just get started. Analysis by paralysis will only enhance the presence of imposter syndrome. We just need to get on with the journey and make good work, not thinking much about our identity or originality.Life is about getting started with the creative journey. 

3. Another piece of wisdom that he imparts is about writing the book we always wanted to read. As creative people, we are always searching for material that will enhance the lining of our mind .Why not just start writing what we want to consume? 

4. Like I mentioned that Austin Kleon is famous for his handcrafted style of doodles and notes .He encourages the reader to make things with our hands;the greatest tool known to mankind. Handcrafted products and pieces are soo novel and brings about that stark individuality.That brings about allt of satisfaction too! 

5. Side projects and gigs are extremely fulfilling as they allow you to experiment, create a brief for yourself and create a fantastic portfolio .Having lucrative hobby  is a plus point.The best part is that you get to do what you like and also gain leverage  from all that practise and that is make you some money too.Side hustles are your jam while your confidence level shoots up ! 

6.He shares a really cool secret to putting yourself out there. There is no point in making work and hiding it in the crevices of your mind or your room.Bring it out and show it to the world.  Getting feedback is soo important and if you put yourself out there,you will certainly gain confidence! 

7. The Pandemic has shown us that geography is no longer our master. We can sit anywhere in the world and work for anyone, in any country and for any amount of time.  The barriers to space and time are no more defining factors to a fulfilling and  creative career.Sitting in India ,I can bag a design project in Angola! There is no hesitation in that. 

8.He also talks about the importance of being nice. It's a small world and we will get no where by being mean and selfish. Let's bring about a spirit of collaboration over competition. Be humble and help your creative  community .You never know where and  how Karma works it's magic! 

9. One of the most intriguing concept that I took time to grasp was when he tells us to learn how to be boring . I was shocked at this statement because everyone wants to be interesting and charming. But being boring??

So when I read deeper,I understood that this was the secret of getting tons of work done without getting disturbed. If we are boring,the  world does not poke behind you and you are free to experiment and create as much as you want. Choose to be the source of entertainment for others  and you will be doing that for the rest of your lives,losing sight if your own body of work.

So yes !be that nerd ,be boring. 

10. Creativity is always about less is more. If you look at the design strategy of Apple, they are all about clean and fuss free design. Minimal, cool and functional; that is the reason why people buy their products. Lesser distraction is equal to good design . Design is not about piling on Christmas tree ornaments onto something  ,it is how you can solve a problem with minimum elements.  

So indeed creativity  is all about subtraction. 

Written by Chynelle Priyanka Stephen