The Power of establishing a relaxing routine

Writing has always been a very scared part of my day. I unwind and relax myself by pouring my thoughts out in a diary, whenever I get a chance .

It is soo important to express your gratitude for whatever your creator has given you.

As a family ,our daily practice has always been to reflect and give praise to the creator and carve out a part of those precious 24 hours to thank him for what is on our plate .

Good, bad ,happy or sad ;we need to thank him for our experiences.

No matter what religion you may follow ,always thank the universe for the wholesome life that is given to you with the expectation that you will get to open your eyes tomorrow. 

I always feel that penning down your thoughts and doing a self reflection at the end of the day ,makes your heart feel lighter. 

Write about the good things that happened, write about the challenges you faced write about everything that makes you tick on earth. 

There is a camphor diffuser in my room that elevates the vibe of the room with its  richness and aroma . 

The tubelight goes off and the fairy lights come on ,one hour prior to bed time .It creates magic in the air .We also play a little oriental zen-like background music sometimes. It helps us relax a little more. 

Reading is another source of solace. It could be anything that you want to connect with or something that calls out to you..could be just a page or a even a novel !Make it a habit to read something during the day. 

It is always a good idea to turn off all your digital devices an hour before you get into bed. It prepares you for a good night's sleep and calms you down. 

Personally,we have our little way of relaxing at night with a cup of soothing green tea with honey and lemon.That sets the tone for the night to come! 

Many people swear by a little skin care regimen too!I personally feel that a little jade roller caressing on your face with a good serum makes you feel refreshed and it relaxes your facial muscles and ensures better sleep. 

I'm a checklist and To-do kind of a person so I loved to keep my list organized for the following  day. I have a planner ,where I jot down my own schedule for the next day.It serves as a brain dump for me and also keeps me sane. 

I never forget to kiss my little baby goodnight before patting him off to sleep. 

A tiny dash of serotonin is just what I need for sleeping well. 

These are little things but it works wonders don't need to do everything..pick some and follow what rocks your boat and you are good to go! 

Written by Chynelle Priyanka Stephen