Writing Sparks My Soul

I love writing about things that deeply impacts myself and others around me. 

For me writing is like a release from the mundane view of life . 

It makes me get up everyday to make an imprint on paper ,no matter what life throws at me.It is all about me ,expressing my self better and surviving life to the best of my capability . The passion for reading is something I've honed since childhood and that greatly impacts my love and caliber for writing too.

Being camera shy and not being a public speaker, I found that writing was a good way to voice my opinion.

The genre for my writing is not relegated to a particular standpoint because I enjoy various areas and perspectives.

However what resonates with me is something that helps others grow as a person.So I would comfortably like to put it that I enjoy putting out content that is more of a self -help guide and also things related to design,because that is where my passion lies. 

-Good stories and good experiences.

- About  personal branding .


-Experiences in life.

- Design and Art.

-Color psychology.

- Thoughts by my favorite content creators,writers and motivational speakers. 

- About sales and marketing .


- Writing about products

-Writing about Branding .

-writing about relationships and connections. 

-Writing about philosophies 

-About entrepreneurship and startups . 

And the list can go on! 

The writing process for me is simple .

I read alot . And I love reading about anything and everything ,even if it's a one liner or even a quote . Any insight or viewpoint that gives me a new idea or perspective is welcome. Consuming thoughtful and mindfully crafted content is very important. It is then that you can write better. They say that you cannot pour from an empty cup and I can vouch for that fact with conviction.

To be a good writer ,you need to be a good reader, a good listener, and above all a good learner.

The take away from this piece of writing will find you searching for a path to be a good learner and that is how you can go ahead and become a good writer and a good person.